Upon arrival at the airport you will want to look out for our logo (if a member of our staff is picking you up). Our logo can be seen at the top of all our web pages. Our staff can quickly find you and then take you back to Taghazout to Anchor Point Experience local and get you settled in your new apartment.

If you are coming from Essouira by bus then you will pass through Taghazout on your way to Agadir and also pass our main office. Your best bet would be to ask the bus driver if he could drop you off in Taghazout. In most cases he will but he might decide not to if you have luggage in the hold of the bus. Once you’re in Taghazout simply ask anyone where Anchor Point Experience is or simply walk to the north side of the village.

(Also check pictures below for more of an idea)
Coming by bus from Agadir, you have a choice of two local buses. The No. 32, which turn’s around when it gets to the start of the village at the Mosque, and the No. 33, which continues to Tamri (which can be good for surf when it is flat in Taghazout). It is best to get off all Tagahzout buses at the Mosque.

The small red taxis (They should have a meter) in Agadir cannot go outside the city limits so are only of use to you inside the city; use the bigger taxis to get to Taghazout or other cities.
The big taxis can be hired at the Battoir or bus station. They do not have a meter so ask the price first of a taxi to “Taghazout”. You would normally pay 100DH to get here.